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Directions from Tokyo metro Ginza line ・Hibiya line ・ Marunouchi line [Ginza station]

This is direction from [Ginza station] if you use any one of the three lines: Tokyo metro Ginza line, Hibiya line, or Marunouchi line. The photos are taken from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line ticket gate all the way to our store. If you are using Tokyo metro Ginza line or Marunouchi line, then please proceed to exit A12.

1.Go out the ticket gate and proceed to exit [A12]

2.Go through the tunnel that has numbers written on the pillars.

3.Turn right at the end of the tunnel and go through Matsuya Ginza.

4.Go up the stairs to the first floor and go outside from the exit on your right.

5.When you got out of the building, with Matsuya Ginza directly behind you, turn left and walk straight about 1 minute (150m).

6.If you see ([Kami Pulp Hall][株式会社 紙パルプ会館]), turn left at the next intersection.

7.Walk past the [Canon] building, and you are almost here.

8.We are in the same building as Yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant [Naruo], you will find us on the third floor.