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We provide Kimonos for the esteemed.
Tasteful and worthy apparel for the exquisite gentlemen.

Dressing Service

This service is a first of its kind that originated from Ginza which allows you to go out with high-quality Kimonos through the rental service with peace of mind as if you were wearing a Kimono tailored to you.

Kimonos are beautiful clothes that look good on Japanese men. Since now that western clothes have become widespread, this will make you stand out from the crowd. We will guide you through the world of Kimonos to help you choose your style and express your taste.

> From the proprietress to customer

Ginza Kou's "Fitting, preparation"

The form of Kimonos with long sleeves and hems, which is now generally regarded as kimonos, is used regularly on occasions when labor is not required, even in the days when mainly Wafukus were worn.
From that admiration, it got widely spread as formal and going-out clothe.

  Kimonos create an elegant appearance, though it's not in the form of clothes that are easier to move in, like business suits and uniforms. Moreover, being able to wear the silk kimonos among all the kimonos are not the only value of the service, it also includes other highly abundant activities, including the “fitting and preparation.”
Our service is for whom looking for other things then spend as little time as possible. We will take the time to do our best to make sure that you have a relaxed time during the preparation.

[Kimono appropriate to the season]
[Occasion-oriented recommendation]
[Abundant types of Haori]
[High-quality silk Kimono]
[All kimonos are newly made for this service]
[Garment processed for preservation]
[Provide underwear dedicated to men's kimono]
[Plenty of sizes available]
[Choose your own sash belt and accessories]
[Fitting session]
[Lesson on how to wear Kimono]
[Our staff with experience in men's Kimono dressing will help you with the preparation]
[Tips on posture when wearing a kimono]
[Commemorative photo]

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User Guide

Just bring yourself.
Experience the world of High-quality Kimono.
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Item description

Introduction to our Kimonos for rental service.

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