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【About size】

Q: What sizes are available for kimonos?
A: They are available in 6 sizes: S, M, L, 2L, 3L, and 4L. It fits anybody from 158cm up to 195cm in height.

Q: I'm 185cm in height and wear a 3L size for casual clothes. What size should I wear?
A: We have six different sizes, for those who are 185 cm tall, we recommend 2L or 3L to try on.

Q: I'm very slim, I've heard that Kimono fits bulkier guys better, can I wear it well?
A: Yes you can. Kimonos can be worn regardless of your body type, whether you are broad or slender. The male sash belt is fastened under the stomach, so for slender men its prone to move up as you move around. For this reason, we will make suggestions to fix this, for example, adding a towel around your waist at the time of the fitting session.

Q: My height is 160cm, waist is about 90cm. is there a size that fits me?
A: Even if we have the size for the corresponding height, there are cases where the ready-made size does not fit due to the width of the body, but in many cases, it can be adjusted with dressing methods. If it still does not fit, we will adjust it with hem trimming. However, there is a limit due to Kimono's design. If you can let us know of your specific size beforehand, we can make a suggestion on our past references.

Q: My feet are quite large. Are there footwears that fits me?
A: Our footwear selection's size is for up to 30cm. However, there is only one type of footwear that can be worn by those who are over 29 cm in foot size.

【About item】

Q: Can I choose the outfit when I see the real thing? Can I try them on?
A:Yes, you can. A separate day fitting session is included in the package. We can show you pictures of Kimonos that are being rented out, or other sizes of the same Kimono. We can show you pictures of Kimonos that are being rented out, or other sizes of the same Kimono.

Q: What kind of footwear do you have?
A: We have Japanese sandals(Setta, a flat bottom footwear with leather sole) and straw sandals(Zori has a thicker bottom than Setta). For those who are not familiar with Japanese sandals or straw sandals, we recommend another kind of footwear with a sponge bottom which is similar to ordinary sandals and comfortable to wear. Also, if your foot size is 29 cm or up, there is only one kind available. Up to 30cm.

【About dressing】

Q: I don’t have a lot of experiences wearing a Kimono, am I going to be ok?
A: We have many customers who are new to Kimono. In addition, a separate day costume matching is included in the package, so that you can become familiar with your Kimono. We will teach you how to move around in a Kimono, and how to keep it in shape throughout the day. For customers who are concerned, we can book you a longer time frame to tell you everything you need to know. Please let us know in advance.

Q: Can you dress me up?
A: Yes, we can help you with dressing.

Q: What should I do if the outfit got out of shape halfway through the day?
A: We will show you how to fix your outfit by yourself after dressing before you go out. Because of its shape, Kimono needs readjusting every now and then. Therefore, we will teach you how to fix it, but if your day involves a lot of body movement, such as a lot of sitting and standing up or walking for a long period of time, we would recommend wearing a Hakama.

Q: Can you dress me in my home?
A: I'm terribly sorry, but unfortunately we don't provide field service.

Q: Should I bring anything on my own, like underwear?
A: No, We will provide you with everything you need. You can wear the undergarments that we will provide you with on top of your own underpants.

Q: How long will the dressing take?
A: It's about 20 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes if you also want to put on a Hakama. However, if you are sweating, it may take some more time to take care of the sweat before wearing the outfit. In addition, we reserve 90 minutes to let you get used to the Kimono, and for the photo shooting. We will arrange the schedule around your going out time.

【About our service】

Q: I want to use this service as a gift for someone else, is there something I should know if who made the order and who use the service are different people?
A: There is no difference in service other than the payment goes to the ordering customer, not the user. If you have request for this being a surprise gift, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your request as much as possible. You can do without a separate day fitting session if you decided to have everything packed into a one day service. It is also possible to select the Kimono in advance for the wearer by the paying customer, in that case, please inform us of the size of the wearer.

Q: Do I have to bring it back the next day?
A: We accept return by parcel delivery. We can also extend the rental period. For more information, please refer to the Terms of rental service page. →

Q: Can multiple people borrow Kimono at the same time?
A: Yes, we accept up to ten customers at once, however, outfit selection try-on and dressing will be handled individually. Please consult us about your outing time in advance.

Q: What should I do when items get dirty or get scratched?
A: All rental Kimonos and Haoris went through dirt repellent finish. Hence, it's hard for it to get dirty, and also stains are easier to remove. Stains that come from eating and drinking can be removed for no extra charge. However, you will be charged for a fee for scratches, frays, and tears. Please refer to the Terms of rental service page. →

Q: Can I have my Kimono sent to my home or my workplace?
A: Yes, we provide parcel delivery service upon your request. Although, we don't have on-site service, so you have to do the dressing yourself. Also, for outfit selection and try-on, you have to come to our store. At that time, the payments for the rental service will be made using your credit card, so please have it ready.

Q: I need to use the outfit from 10 am, can you dress up at 8 am?
A: Yes, we can. But, at a slightly higher rate.

Q: I would like to take it on an overseas business trip, can I rent it for 10 days?
A: A longer period of use will be handled as an extension. Please refer to the Terms of rental service page. →

【About charges】

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The basic charge is 48,000 yen excluding tax.

Q: How much does it cost to wear a Hakama?
A: The Hakama optional charge starts at 8,000 yen. (price differ depending on the material of the item)

Q: Do I have to pay for any extra charges?
A: No, everything are included in the basic fee, and undergarments will be given to you after use.

Q: What service are included in the rental price?
A: The complete set of services listed on this page are included in the basic price.


Q: Do you have outfits that I can wear at my wedding?
A: In the case of a wedding, we would have to make sure that the Kimono you wear matches the outfit of your spouse, and the tone of the wedding venue. If the bride is wearing a high-grade bridal gown, such as a wedding dress or an "Uchikake", the corresponding men's Kimono for the groom should be a "Kuro itsutsumontsuki". Unfortunately, we don't have those in our inventory. However, our semi-formal outfit would be appropriate if the bride's outfit is semi-formal attire dress, such as a cocktail dress or a Kimono, or if the venue is at a restaurant in the form of a dinning party. Please inform us of your request when making your reservation or at the fitting session.

※For those who are new to Kimono. Simply put, Kimono is essentially a flat cloth that wraps around your torso. Therefore it's highly flexible that it fits any body type but at the same time, it will go out of shape if you move a lot in it. To keep it in its peak condition, it is important to mind your movements and readjust it every now and then. Before you go out we will teach you on how to do this by yourself. There is two important notice you need to know to prevent the Kimono from losing its shape.
・Keep your back straight and face forward as much as possible.
・Keep the center of your body straight, keep the twisting motion at your waist and shoulder at minimum.
By wearing a sash belt around the Kimono naturally tighten your body to a straight line. So please don't worry too much about your posture when wearing.