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Kimono creates an elegant look, though it's not in the form of clothes that are easier to move in, like business suits and uniforms.
Moreover, being able to wear the silk kimonos among all the kimonos are not the only value of the service, it also includes other highly abundant activities, including the “fitting and preparation.”
Our service is for whom looking for other things then spend as little time as possible. We will take the time to do our best to make sure that you have a relaxed time during the preparation.

「Kimono appropriate to the season」

As with Western clothes, there are dress codes and fabrics choices according to the season, such as lined, unlined, and light-weight cloth garments. The seasonal change of clothing according to the calendar is a fun event unique to places like Japan which has stark contrast for all four seasons.

「Occasion-oriented recommendation]」

Our primary focus is semi-formal outfits, although, too, offer attire dress-up outfits.
We will make specific suggestions according to the purpose of wearing, such as for attending a convention, a tea ceremony, or theatergoing.

「Abundant types of Haori」

Men's Kimono consists mainly of plain color fabrics. The width of the sash belt is narrower than that of female ones, and by layering with Haori, which is the highlight of a men's Kimono, gives you a strong and commanding presence. The rental plan incorporates Haori as a standard and offers more choices even than that of Kimono.

「High-quality silk Kimono」

Our products are all Domestically-made, primarily from the Okitama region in Yamagata Prefecture and other places famous for Kimono like the Tango region in Kyoto Prefecture.
We use domestic silk fabrics that are used for tailor-made  Kimonos at our company, not fabrics prepared for rental service.

「All kimonos are newly made for this service」

We do not use second-hand clothes. All Kimonos are newly made for Ginza Kou rental service.

「Garment processed for preservation」

The fabrics of Kimono and Haori are processed for preservation. Since silk is delicate, some customers may be worried about renting it, but with our dirt repellent finish, it is hard for it to get dirty, and also stains are easier to remove.
Almost all stains that come from eating and drinking can be easily removed.
In addition, maintenance (spot removal, finishing, sewing, etc.) is carried out by experienced  Kimono specialists that we have cultivated in handling Kimonos. We will prepare a Kimono in Its peak condition for every one of our customers.

「Provide underwear dedicated to men's kimono」

We will give you suitable under-garments specific for men's Kimono.
It is a set of our original undergarments (top) and steteco (bottom) using the traditional bleached cotton fabric that is ideal for soaking up sweat.

「Plenty of sizes available」

Six sizes are available: S, M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L.
The sizes are based on our tailor-made Kimonos data that we accumulated form men's Kimonos measuring, and also popular requests for sizes in recent years as references.
If all six sizes do not fit, we will adjust it for you as much as we can. ※1

「Choose your own sash belt and accessories」

We will help you pick out your sash belt and Haori braid that suits you as well as allow you to achieve the look that you are striving for.
For socks and footwears, You can choose a size that is easy to walk on after trying them on.

「Fitting session」※2

Our service was designed to provide you with a smooth and effortless outing day experience. Items other than kimono are also prepared in advance.
Additionally, by trying on your desired outfit beforehand, will let you grow familiar with it, even if this would be your first kimono experience.

「Lesson on how to wear Kimono」

Unlike putting your body into a shaped outfit, Kimono is essentially a flat cloth that wraps around your torso. Therefore, it will naturally adapt to any body type.
Lessons will be given tailored to each individual so that each customer can understand. There is no difference in dressing for all types of men's Kimono.
If you learn those tips, you will be able to dress yourself in Yukata, or Kimono that is in a slightly different size than yours. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about how to put on a Kimono.

「Our staff with experience in men's Kimono dressing will help you with the preparation」

Our company is located in Higashi Ginza, a part deeply related to classical performing arts for establishments such as Kabukiza and Shimbashi Enbujo, and there is a lot of demand for male kimonos. We have had plenty of experience tailor-make and dressing men's Kimono.

「Tips on posture when wearing a kimono」

We will teach you the basics of how to move in a Kimono. That includes how to sit, how not to let sleeves get in the way, how to keep your outfit in shape and more, before the outing on your own.

「Commemorative photo」

After the dressing process, we offer a commemorative photo shooting, we will adjust the background lighting and shoot with a single-lens reflex camera. Data will be sent to you the day after shooting.  Image data will be stored for one year. ※3

※1.  Although there is a limit for how much a kimono can be altered due to its finish. Yet we will make adjustments as much as possible.
There is no additional charge in case of alteration, but it may take a few days for the adjustment until its ready. Please let us know of your request on the day of the fitting session.
※2.  For customers who cannot take a different day to match their outfit, or who wish to use the rental service as a gift for others, we can provide the outing day only service. Please let us know in advance.
※3.  If you want high-resolution images, please tell us before the shooting.