Terms of rental service
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Terms of rental service

【Order Confirmation】
・The order is confirmed after the date of use (visiting date), return date, item of choice, (your address if you wish to use our express service) are affirmed when visiting our shop or on the phone.
・Payment is limited to credit cards, And as a general rule on the day of the fitting session.

【Terms before use】
Cancellation policy
・Regarding cancellation after order confirmation, the following cancellation fee will be charged on your credit card.
Cancellation is free before 8 days in advance.
30% of the total amount from 7 days in advance.
50% of the total amount from 3 days in advance
100% of the total amount on the day of use
Please be aware that you cannot cancel your order after renting.

【Change of Item】
・After order confirmation, we accept change of item only once and must be at least 8 days in advance.
However, we may not be able to respond due to inventory conditions.

【Change of date】
・You can only change the date of use If you contact us at least 8 days before the previously selected date of use, and it is possible if there is no other bookings around that time for your selected Kimono.

【Confirmation of identity and purpose of use]】
・As a condition of use, we must be able to communicate via telephone or email with our customers. A copy of your ID will be taken at the time of booking. This copy will be disposed of when the rental items are returned to our store. Additionally, People who cannot verify their identity can not use our service.
・The use of Kimono is for one person per wear. We do not accept the use of Kimonos to be worn by multiple people or shared for commemorative photography.
・Your usage request may be declined due to the following reasons.
1 People who don't have a credit card.
2 People who cannot verify their identity.
3 People with strong perfume scent or body odor.
4 Anti-social group members, criminal organizations or extremist groups, and their members.
5 People who would not reveal their purpose of use.
※ Please note that we can not reveal the contents and standards of this credit screening.

【Limit of indemnity】
・Compensation for cases in which Kimono cannot be used due to our problem, or if our Kimono Caused damage to the customer, the maximum amount of compensation is a full refund of the amount paid. Please note that we cannot provide compensation beyond the total refund.
・There is no compensation for damage caused by clothing stretched out-of-shape or caused by footwear.
✽ Unlike other shoes, Japanese-style footwear, the bottom of your foot separates from the sole of the shoe when you lift your foot. Please be careful not to get your shoes caught on carpets or on the escalator.

【Terms regarding returning the product】
・For returning the kimonos, in principle, please bring it back on the day of use or the next day. Alternatively, you can return it using parcel delivery providers. In the case of delivery, the postmark will be considered to be the return date.

【Missing items]】
・We will contact you if there is a shortage of items when they are returned to us. Please try to search for them and send them back afterward. If the missing piece is not found, it will be treated as lost.

【Lost items】
・If any items are lost after renting, an compensation fee will be charged separately from the rental price.

【Extension fee and late-return fee】
〔Extending the rental period〕
・Generally, the period of usage is limited to one day. A rental period extension can be made by contacting us before the return date with an additional charge. However, it may not be possible if another customer already books a particular item that you are using at that point. Also, please be advised that if you do not inform us ahead of time for the extension, it will be handled as late-return. 
・An extension can be made from 2 days to a maximum of 5 days.
・The extension fee is 20% of the total rental price per day.

〔Late-return policy〕
・If item return is delayed without contacting us, an overdue charge will be charged for each item.
・Overdue rate is 30% of the total price for each day passes.  In addition, if the late return of items affects other reservations, you may be charged a corresponding amount.
・(If the items are not returned after 7 days from the date of return, or if we are unable to reach you, then the items will be considered lost, and a separate fee will be charged in addition to the standard rental fee plus the 7 days overdue rates.)
・We will determine the compensation amount.

【Regulations relating to stained and damaged Kimono, accessories】
・After returning the items, we will inspect them for stain, damage, and missing pieces. According to the condition of the goods, the following actions will  be taken. Also, If the item gets stained when using, please do not try to remove the stain on your own. (There is a chance that may result in more damage to the fabric) Please let us know where the stains and scrapes are when it is returned.

〔Free support〕
・For our Kimono rental service, the product consists of Kimono, sash belt, Haori, Hakama, Nagajuban, Tabi, and  Clogs.  Remove Small amount of stains under normal usage is free of charge. Natural wear and tear for tatami sandals(setta) and clogs are normal. We take full responsibility for damage to footwears that have deteriorated due to repeated use.

〔Paid support]〕
・Scratches and tears in Kimono, Haori, Hakama, sash belt, Nagajuban,  will be charged. Damages occurred due to incorrect usage, customer negligence, and abnormal usage will be charged. If the food stain cannot be removed by regular maintenance by our company, a fee will be charged. You will be charged for the refurbishment cost. The customer who placed the order will be charged for the damage, regardless of who caused it. We will determine the cost of repairs. Approximate cost for repair: About 20% to 50% of the total rental fee.
※Please understand that you are wearing a clothe which shape is dramatically different from your ordinary clothes.  Everyday tasks may feel different while you are in a Kimono. For instance, be careful not to hook your sleeve on the doorknob or stepping on the hem when getting on and off the car. Please pay attention to your surroundings.

〔Claim for damages〕
・If an item is stained or damaged beyond repair during use, the compensation fee will be charged separately from the rental price. Damaged or stained items belong to our company and need to be returned to us directly. The compensation fee will be charged up to 5 times the total rental price.
・We will determine the repairability and charge amount.

【Requests for repair costs, compensation costs, and overdue charges】
・Repair costs, compensation costs, and overdue charges will be charged to the customer who placed the order. Even if the ordering customer and the customer who actually used the Kimono are different person, all costs will still be charged to the ordering customer. 
・It will be charged additionally from your credit card.

Last updated:(9/1/2019)