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Not all Kimonos are created equal.

[Men's dressing service Ginza Kou] offers Kimono rental and outfit consulting service that we have perfected based on decades of experience from customers who have purchased from us over the years at Ginza Tachibanaen.
The brand concept is a service that's worthy of a [Exquisite men's style] and effortless even if you are new to wearing Kimono.
With these notions in mind, we are here to provide you with our [Top quality classics].

「Materials of Kimono and Haori」
The term "ori" doesn't tell you the whole story. Not only the weaving method but also the yarn used, twisting, and dyeing methods all have many ways that can be done.
Creating tens of thousands of combinations that are all unique.
The fabric shown in the photo is a woven cloth that weaved in cooperation with a yarn merchant in the Okitama region of Yamagata Prefecture, a historical textile production area.
This fabric uses tsumugiito(unevenly spun yarn) for both warp and weft. Also, by twisting together the raw yarn with the tsumugiito, it creates an elegant luster to its rustic beauty.

In addition to the three classic Men's Kimono colors of Edo: Ink blue, ash gray, and brown, We've also added modern black and dark green fabrics for Kou Ginza.
Stand out among the crowd without showing off.
Especially because of its standard color, material, and weaving method, our original fabric shows our attention to details to the finishing touch.
We will make suggestions for semi-formal and attire dress-up with a focus on items made using these fabrics.

「Sash belt and Haori braids」
The band that once be used to carry swords can be used to carry a fan in modern times. It is the key to a men's Kimono that brace up your mind and straighten your posture.
In addition, the men's Haori braids are the so-called "Danchu" and are the centerpiece of the outfit.
All sash belt and Haori braids that we provide are 100% silk.
From the aspect of fashion, adding an accent color brings a hint of personality, like a tie or pocket square to a suit.  

「Footwear and Tabi(Japanese socks)」
In the case of Japanese clothes, there are occasions when you go up tatami mats, so we have also prepared a committed selection of socks and footwear.
Japanese sandals(setta) with leather soles are considered standard footwear for men's Kimonos, and that's primarily what we offer for rental service.
For those who are not familiar with the hard-bottomed Japanese sandals, we also offer straw sandals with a thicker bottom and more pliable than the Japanese sandals, as well as flexible footwear with a rubber bottom.
Socks size is up to 30cm. Black Socks and white Socks are available.
More color choices may be available depending on your foot size.

「Under-Kimonos(Nagajuban) and neckpieces(Haneri)」
Under-Kimono goes on top of your underclothes. Two kinds of Under-Kimonos are available according to the season. We will match the neckpiece to under-Kimono's material.
Many people who wear Kimonos regularly sometimes wear short under-Kimonos that are called Hanjuban. However, for those who want to enjoy the whole experience of the world of Kimonos, we decided to have the full-length under-Kimonos as our standard.

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