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Dressing service

To the full extent of our knowledge, we will help you make the best of the experience with the dressing aid for kimono and haori as if it's tailor-made. We will prepare you with a set of necessary items you will need, such as under-garment for Kimono, socks, footwear, etc., so you don't have to. Our experienced staff can make suggestions on what to wear depending on the season, the place, and the occasion.  Even if you have no prior experience with Kimono, you can use our service with ease.

Step1 Reservation and inquiry
If you would like to make a reservation, please feel free to contact us by email form. We will confirm the date of the fitting session and the date of use to proceed with the order.

Step2 Previsit and fitting session
On the day of the fitting session, we will pick out Kimonos perfect for your size to try on. We can also make proposals in consideration of the season and occasion. You can choose all the necessary accessories such as a sash belt, footwear, etc. to your liking. In addition, we will teach you how to put on a kimono properly on your own.

Step3 Dressing on the outing day
Our staff with expertise in men's Kimono dressing will graciously help you with the preparation. You can leave your clothing with us,  or as a choice, delivery to your home is also available upon request.

Step4 Photographing on the outing day
After we helped you get dressed, there will be a quick photo shooting session.

Step5 Posture on the outing day
We will explain to you how to sit down in a Kimono and how to keep it in shape. We will guide you so that you can spend a pleasant time untroubled and with elegance.

Step6 Returning
Bring it to our office the next day or the promised date after renting. For those who have difficulty visiting the office, parcel delivery returns are accepted.

Step7 After-sales service
We will send you image data from the photoshoot to your registered email address. In addition, the image data will be stored for at least one year. In the case of damaged data, please feel free to contact us.

Step8 Usage charge
The usage charge for the fitting session and outing day, including all step1 to 7 and rental fee for Kimono set items spans over two days is ¥48,000 (tax excluded). (A separate charge is required for wearing Hakama.) Rental items are not eligible for purchase.

Reservation and inquiry